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Living in the world we do now, it's important to reuse and recycle all of the materials we can so that we can help our environment and leave as little of an impact as we can on this earth. Just by completing a few extra steps, we can do our part to make this world a better place. At Bladecutters Demolition, we take green demolition seriously. We offer concrete crushing and recycling as part of this. 

Concrete Crushing/Recycling

Let us pulverize and screen your old concrete into usable aggregate; for your current job site or for somewhere else. The process looks like this: We will arrive on the job with our portable crusher and screener, pulverize the concrete, block and asphalt and screen it to whatever specifications you give us. 

If your concrete is already crushed, we can recycle it for you for your project or are happy to repurpose it for you elsewhere if you are not in need of it. Give us a call and we will haul it away. 

Other Recycled Materials

aluminum, steel, and copper, wood, bricks, carpeting, glass, gypsum, and more.

We also offer our own recycled materials for sale such as mulch, topsoil, fill dirt, screen dirt, leaf compost, chips and dust, and sand. Visit to check out pricing.

Concrete Crushing & Recycling: Services
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