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We specialize in pool removal. In later years, it has been a common theme of Dayton residents to remove their pools. Upkeep can be tiring and expensive. Maybe you just want a bigger backyard… Whatever the reason, we specialize in pool removal. 

In the in-ground pool removal service, the compaction process is the most critical process. First, the cavity is filled with clean fill material (typically soil). Once the soil breaks free from the ground, tiny air molecules cause the oil to expand as much as 30%. Eventually those air molecules will disappear and the soil will settle. Once it settles, the area will require additional backfilling, additional grass seeding and watering again as well as water drainage issues. 

At Bladecutters Demolition, we use the right equipment to ensure that the soil compacts the first time so you don’t require additional work. Call us today to get a quote on pool removal! We are specialized and will get the job done!

Image by Matthew T Rader
Swimming Pool Removal: Service
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