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40 Yard Dumpster_edited.jpg
Dumpster Rental: Welcome


Rental period is 10 days.
Pricing includes: Delivery, set-up, pick-up & dump fees.



  • Heavy materials

  • Basement or garage cleanouts

  • Small deck demolitions or moderate roofing debris​

  • 6 Truck Loads

  • 10′0″ L x 7′11″ W x 4′7″ H

20 Yard Dumpster_edited.jpg


  • Large attic, basement or garage cleanouts

  • Kitchen or bathroom remodels

  • 8 Truck Loads

  • 21′11″ L x 7′0″ W x 3′6″ H

30 Yard Dumpster


  • Office or large home renovation projects

  • Junk removals

  • 14 Truck Loads

  • 22′ L x 8′0″ W x 5′0″ H

40 Yard Dumpster_edited.jpg


  • Large construction projects

  • Roofing jobs

  • Large remodeling projects

  • 16 Truck Loads

  • 21′11″ L x 7′0″ W x 7′0″ H

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Please request to book a dumpster here. We will give you a call at our earliest convenience to let you know if we can accept your delivery date. If it is urgent, give us a call.

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Dumpster size
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What Trucking Services Do We Offer?

At Bladecutters we pride ourselves on our integrated program which involves driver/operator training, on-going safety evaluations, and updates in addition to vehicle inspections and repetitious maintenance scheduling. We can supply any type of vehicle or equipment necessary for your job and the qualified and certified expert to operate it. We are committed to excellence and raising the bar, which is why we are the number 1 go-to for Dayton demolition and trucking by the city of Dayton. 

We will haul just about any material your job site needs:

  • Stone

  • Topsoil

  • Mulch

  • Sand

  • Metal

  • Broken Concrete

  • Building Materials

  • Construction Debris


We understand that you have a timeline to keep up with. The last issue you need is your project getting pushed back due to a problem coordinating with a trucking company. That's why we will work diligently around your schedule to ensure that we keep you on time and under budget. 

Roll Off Trucking:

A roll-off is a large, heavy-duty, metal waste container used to roll off all waste from your construction or demolition site. This type of truck is used for commercial and industrial grade clients who produce thousands of pounds of waste. 

Who Uses Roll Off Trucking?

Construction Teams: When building homes or commercial structures, there is a great deal of debris that may need to be cleared of waste that has to be removed before building. A roll-off truck will be used to transport before construction can begin. 

Demo Crews: After demolition is complete, the debris from the demo needs to be taken somewhere else to be recycled and put into waste. This type of vehicle is the most convenient for the size of the rubble in large demo projects. 

Cleanup Crews: After natural disasters or aftermath of storms, rollout trucks are used as garbage trucks to transport fallen trees and debris from storms. 

If you have a large project and need a truck that can transport large waste, we have certified drivers who will worry about disposing of your debris, so that you don’t have to. 

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