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What Is The Demolition Process?

Demolition Process – the practices that make up the demolition, dismantlement, deconstruction, removal, recycling, salvage, reuse, transfer, or disposal of buildings, structures, and components. The Demolition Process is how a building or structure is demolished or gutted in preparation for redevelopment or reuse.

There are many reasons why buildings need to be demolished. Whether the structure itself is deemed uninhabitable and construction on the structure will not suffice, the building is too old or a new structure needs to be put in its place, give Bladecutters a call. At Bladecutters we have all the tools, certifications, insurance, and experts on the job to complete your project safely, on time, and on budget. 

At Bladecutters, we require certified and expert demolition operators to drive our projects. We will handle any project with professionalism and expertise. That is why we repeatedly are tasked by the City of Dayton to complete demolition projects. We understand that a demolition project can be stressful to many property owners, but at Bladecutters, we know what we are doing and we are happy to take that stress off your shoulders. 

We offer: Residential, Commercial, Industrial 

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