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What Exactly Is Excavation?

Excavation: The process of removing dirt or earth to form a cavity in the ground. 

Topsoil Excavation: The removal of the exposed or top area of the earth's surface including vegetation, soil, and other decaying material that could make the land unsuitable for structural loads. 

Rock Excavation: This excavation is done to smooth out the surface by doing the obvious, removing rocks. This is one of the hardest types of excavation because special equipment is needed in addition to skilled techniques like drilling and blasting rocks so the surface can be structurally even and sound for construction. 

Muck Excavation: Muck is the combo of water and soil and must be removed before construction begins. It is either hauled out or spread elsewhere to dry. 

Earth Excavation: This type of excavation removes soil and creates a foundation for buildings, structures, bridges, or for the purpose of constructing drainage ditches.

Projects Requiring Excavation: 

  • Building a structure

  • Digging a trench

  • Digging a basement

  • Installing pipelines/sewer systems

  • Digging large holes

  • River dredging

  • Finishing roads

  • Landscape grading

  • Demo projects

  • Planting large trees

These types of services MUST be done by someone certified, licensed, and experienced at the job. At Bladecutters Demo, we will supply you with the best operators in the industry who possess all certifications, licenses and are highly skilled technicians. 

Using an excavator could mean the difference between finishing a project in a few months or a few years. The amount of time saved and the risk avoided when using a professional is worth the cost. Bladecutters Demolition specializes in commercial and smaller residential excavating. 

To determine the type of excavation machine you need, please let us know the following: 

  • Location

  • Space for the machine

  • Site access

  • Ground composition

  • The work which needs to be conducted/moved or excavated

  • How the site will look once everything is in place

  • Depth in which we should dig

  • How much of the area will be worked on

What Is Compaction?

Compaction: Method of mechanically increasing the density of soil. 

Why Compaction?

To prepare a level surface for building construction to improve the strength of the stiffness of soil. This is very important for road bases, runways, earth dams, embankments and reinforced earth walls to reduce the risk of future settlement, to increase the strength to bear capacity, to prevent frost damage, and to reduce water seepage. 

If you have ever seen a highway or interstate that has bulging and buckling, this is likely due to the dirt base being prepared incorrectly and compacted poorly. This step will make or break the rest of your project. 

Excavation & Compaction: Service
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