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Wall Demolition


What is interior demolition and when should I call a professional?

Interior demolition is the process of disassembling and extracting the interior or a section of the interior of a building while leaving the outer structure. Depending on the project, our teams could demolish and remove walls, pipes, fittings, partitions, finishes, equipment, furniture, columns, etc. 

As part of the Bladecutters Demo protocol, our team will seal off and enclose the area of demolition to ensure that dust and debris will not leave the space. We want to ensure that the parts of the building that are not being worked on, are left perfectly as is. 

So you may be thinking, "why can’t I just take a sledgehammer to this wall and do it myself?" 

This is the biggest mistake people make. In demolition, there is a fine line between a wall coming down safely and the structure collapsing while you are inside. Most people don’t realize the fundamental basics and importance of safety while doing their own demo. When doing your own demo, you run the risk of unintended damages, unexpected plumbing issues, live wires, lurking toxic materials that can poison you if exposed, your structure collapsing, weakening the foundation and the structure collapsing at a later date and wasting your time/energy. Demolition isn’t as quick and easy as most think. The preparation alone can take a few hours and the execution can take weeks, if you are not trained. To avoid getting hurt, taking out your power or getting electrocuted, getting exposed to asbestos or lead, or having to fix something you accidentally took out, leave the job up to Bladecutters. We are certified, insured, and will get the job done right the first time. 

Are interior demo services for me?

We offer both commercial and residential interior demolition services. We have completed demolitions inside of warehouses, factories, office spaces, restaurants, retail stores, skyscrapers, houses, you name it! We are ready to take on the job. 

We come prepared with the tools needed to get the job complete ranging from bobcats, excavators, jack-hammers, and crowbars. We have the skills and the certified operators to handle any interior project. 

Why Bladecutters Demolition?

The difference between an average interior demo job and ours is very clear. Bladecutters Demo does not rush through the job or cut corners. We focus on quality to ensure when we leave, we are leaving you with an empty interior, free from all that you asked to be removed. We certainly are used to handling tight deadlines and will ensure that the job is complete in a timely manner. 

What is included?

During and after demo completion, our team will remove all junk and debris. We pride ourselves on recycling materials so that we can continue to be environmentally conscious. 

Give us a call today to receive a quote or ask any further questions. We are excited to transform your space!

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